Ministerial Staff

  • Reverend Dr. Robert C. Scott

    Senior Pastor

     Reverend Dr. Robert C. Scott


  • Reverend Dr. Paul W. Drummond

    Pastor Emeritus
  • Reverend Dr. Gregory K. Moss, Sr.

    Pastor Emeritus
  • Reverend Dr. Monica D. Redmond

    Executive Pastor

    Reverend Dr. Monica D. Redmond


  • Reverend Dr. de'Angelo Dia

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Brenda Richardson, M.Div.

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend James Burney

    Associate Minister

    Reverend James Burney

    Minister of Community Engagement

  • Reverend Dr. M. Jeanne Cotton

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Kelli Baptist, M.Div.

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Cephas Bell

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Rosia Warren Blue

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Gordan Clarke

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Frances Edmonds

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Annie Gantt

    Associate Minister
  • Reverend Grace Ridgeway

    Associate Minister
  • Minister Rosa M. Anderson

    Associate Minister
  • Minister Eric Edwards, Jr.

    Associate Minister
  • Minister Joshua Jordan

    Associate Minister
  • Minister Erica Dabney Minor

    Associate Minister
  • Minister Ben Pate

    Associate Minister
  • Minister Jeffrey Stevenson

    Associate Minister
  • Minister Catherine J. Williams

    Associate Minister

Key Church Officers

  • Deacon Dorothy (Dot) Barnes

    Deacon Ministry, Chairperson
  • Deacon Theodore (Ted) Pearson

    Deacon Ministry, Vice Chairperson
  • Sister Gwen Garnett

    Board of Directors, Chairperson
  • Brother Roderick Milliken

    Board of Directors, Vice Chairperson
  • Sister Evelyn Watson

    Church Clerk

Church Office Staff

Worship, Music, and Media Leadership

  • Mr. David Scott Gibson

    Minister of Music

    Brother David Scott Gibson
    Assistant to the Senior Pastor for Worship

  • Dr. Sherell Fuller

    Music Director (Children's Choir)
  • Deacon Reginald Ross

    Music Director (Male Chorus)
  • Mr. William Hunter

    Hymn Choir President
  • Ms. Rhonda White

    Conductor (Mass Choir)
  • Minister James Cunningham

    Lead Guitar
  • Mr. Anthony Jones

  • Mr. Daryl Flowers

  • Mr. George Mitchell

  • Mr. Howard Risher

  • Mr. Oscar Walker

    Bass Guitar
  • Ms. Camese Noel

    Media Ministry Chair
  • TBD

    Technical Director
  • Mr. Darius Johnson

    Sound Technician Lead
  • Mr. Tarron Weir

    Camera Technician/Lead
  • Ms. Tabitha Corely

    IMAG Lead
  • TBD

    Lighting Technician/Lead
  • Ms. Brenda Walker

    Reproduction & Sales Lead
  • TBD

    Stage Hands Lead

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