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Board of Directors Leadership Positions

Seeking Qualified Applicants

The Board of Directors is seeking:

  • TWO PEOPLE to fill the vacant positions.
  • The positions are open to all in the congregation.

The job description, including requirements for consideration, and responsibilities is detailed below. INTERESTED CANDIDATES, PLEASE COMPLETE AND SUBMIT AN APPLICATION WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD or obtain a hard copy from the church office.

The deadline for submission of the application is FEBRUARY 29, 2024.

  • Definition:

    To assist the pastor, administrative staff, and congregation in planning, coordinating, conducting and evaluating the overall work of the church, specifically as it relates to the physical and fiscal matters of the church.

  • Role:

    Board of Directors

  • Role Summary:

    Assist the pastor and congregation to determine its course, and to coordinate and evaluate the operations and ministry of the church.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the pastor in defining church priorities and articulate the church’s core mission and developing a strategy and plan to achieve the mission.

  • Assist with operational goals that map out steps needed for achieving the mission.

  • Assist pastor for caring for congregation and community.

  • Managing performance through monitoring and holding leadership accountable for achieving results.

  • Coordinate needs studies and recommendations to the pastor for future opportunities for the church.

  • Provide financial oversite of the church’s fiscal year budget with input and direction into strategy and priority in spending and implementation.

  • Financial oversite includes identifying independent outside auditors to perform audits to ensure good practices and compliance with state and federal.

  • Responsible for managing compensation through an appointed compensation committee.

  • Evaluate progress and effective use of church facilities and resources.

  • Review and update policies and procedures as needed.

  • Assist with conflict resolution relating to church members, leadership, and staff issues.

  • Responsible for ensuring legal compliance that govern nonprofit organizations.

  • Responsible for ensuring there are no conflict-of-interest and puts policies and systems in place to ensure full disclosure of any potential conflicts within the board.

  • Responsible for ensuring all board records are kept including board minutes, mission, vision, church by-laws, articles of incorporation, and any policies that govern the board.

  • Ensure that new board members are provided the appropriate orientation and training.

  • Attend regular board meetings, workshops, and other committee meetings as required.

  • Assist with decision making as it relates to church finances, long and short-term goals, staffing structure and financial priority.

  • Assist with developing, reviewing, refining, approving, and tracking Master Plans for the church.

  • Assist with developing, approving and evaluation facility and personnel policies.

  • Serve as Personnel Committee.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must have a strong relationship with God.

  • Knowledge of the Bible.

  • Courageous in dealing with tough issues.

  • Good time management skills.

  • Visionary.

  • Ability to be an example for others to follow.

  • Seasoned in function/operation of the church.

  • Good administrative skills.

  • Good speaking and listening skills.

  • The ability to teach and defend the faith.

  • Motivated and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the work.

  • Acknowledge and respected by the congregation.

  • Not a new convert.

Credentials and Experience:

  • A member of St. Paul Baptist Church for 3 years

  • An active and regular participant in a teaching ministry

  • A consistent tither

Download Form to Apply Now

Adult Board of Director Application

(No age or gender restrictions)

Please download this form and send the completed application to Deacon Karen Archable.